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SimpleMail – Contact your MP with 3 simple steps

SimpleMail – Contact your MP with 3 simple steps


SimpleMail – Tell your MP we need a law!

In line with the fast pace of today’s culture, we’ve made it simple to contact your MP.

Within a matter of seconds you can send any one of the letters provided to your Member of Parliament. Just click on the letter you want to send and follow the 3 easy steps! When the letter shows up, you’re welcome to edit it, or send it as displayed.


Start by clicking on the particular issue you want to communicate about:

Protection for pre-born victims of crime

100,000 abortions is too many

Equality and Dignity for all Human Beings

End Human Dismemberment

After 27 years it’s time to set things right 

Born alive and left to die (more info here)

Achieving Justice For All Members Of The Human Family (more info here)

Please Condemn Sex-Selective Abortion (more info here)

Female Feticide (more info here)

Public Opinion vs. Public Policy (more info here)

International Standards of Abortion Laws (more info here)

Let us not impose a pro-abortion mantra on underdeveloped countries

Abortion is not needed to improve maternal health

Please DO NOT fund Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick

RU-486 – An expansion of access to abortion

For Provincial SimpleMails CLICK HERE and then on your home province






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