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Why is it Important?

Why is it Important?

87643755Since the Supreme Court of Canada struck down section 251 of the Criminal Code in 1988, Canadians have been waiting for their elected officials to enact new legislation that recognizes the rights of children in the womb.

After the failed attempt by, then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, to enact abortion legislation, every government has vowed not to re-open the debate. Over the years there have been a number of brave MP’s, who acting on their own, have introduced private member’s bills or motions addressing the abortion issue. The brave and courageous actions of Mr. Woodworth have once again thrust the discussion surrounding pre-born human rights into the arena where it belongs, the House of Commons.

Mr. Woodworth said, when introducing his motion, “A respectful dialogue to update a 400 year old definition of human being, with the aid of twenty-first century information, will benefit everyone.  Whatever view one has about other issues, does it make medical sense to say that a child is not a human being until the moment of complete birth?” answers that question with a resounding, NO! It makes NO sense whatsoever that a child is not a human until it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother.

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