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Outlaw gender based abortions

Outlaw gender based abortions

Abortions occur in Canada for any reason or no reason. In recent months abortions that are commited against female pre-born children have caused many Canadians to question the status quo of no law whatsoever. Many local media outlets are facilitating debate on this topic and last week the Surrey Leader published an op-ed from university student Japreet Lehal who condemned the practice of female feticide.

Today there are two responses to Mr. Lehal’s courageous piece, both of them writing in support of him.

Here is the text of director, Mike Schouten’s letter:

Re: “Be a voice for the voiceless,” Japreet Lehal column, The Leader, June 21.

Female-feticide is a disturbing tradition that has garnered increased attention in recent weeks, and I appreciate the willingness of Japreet Lehal to courageously speak about the topic through his regular column in The Surrey-North Delta Leader.

The fact that this horrific procedure can be obtained and tax-funded in Canada, a nation which otherwise has such a high standard for human rights, is appalling.

Mr. Lehal rightly calls on his fellow youth to raise their voices against this practice. But I believe that education and awareness alone do not go far enough.

For example, Canadians would not have been satisfied if we had addressed child labour issues with education programs only and never passed child labour laws. So also, Canadians certainly should not be content with education as the only tool used to counteract the killing of pre-born females either.

Clearly, the government has a role to ensure that the human rights of pre-born females are not violated, simply because of their gender.

That is why Canada needs a law to end this misogynistic practice. Over 90 per cent of Canadians agree that aborting for gender reasons should be illegal. It’s time for the government to act.

Mike Schouten, campaign director

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