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CCBR interviews We Need a LAW (2)

CCBR interviews We Need a LAW (2)

EndtheKillingLast week, I was a guest on the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform’s weekly podcast.

Click here and listen to Stephanie Gray, Jonathon Van Maren, and myself discuss various pro-life political strategies.

A prudent political strategy involves a proper understanding of the role of government and a recognition that certain social, legal and political obstacles sometimes prevent the ideal from becoming reality.

Since the launch of numerous pro-life/family groups, including CCBR, have endorsed our mission to “restrict abortion to the greatest extent possible”, and this 20 minute podcast provides an opportunity to discuss why a gestational approach to federal abortion legislation is both prudent and principled.

Please listen to the EndtheKilling podcast and offer your thoughts and/or questions by sending them to [email protected] or go to our Facebook page and comment there.


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