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News Flash: Petition Update!

News Flash: Petition Update!

PetitionPageWe’ve been waiting for some time now to receive an update from the Privy Council Office regarding the number of petitions and today we recieved a lengthy document detailing the information we asked for.

Petitions are an excellent way to generate discussion in the House of Commons and as you will see when you open the attached pdf, on almost 250 occasions an MP stood up to present one of the petitions on behalf of his/her constituents!

All together there’s more than 19,000 signatures associated with them. This is great news and we’re so thankful for the hard work that has gone into collecting all these signatures!

Please check the list carefully. If you have submitted petitions to your MP and you don’t see their name on the list be sure to follow up with them.

The debate and vote on Motion 312 will take place within the first two weeks of the fall session so if you still have petitions that you haven’t given to your MP you should do so soon.

The other petition we’re hosting which calls on Parliament assembled to “restrict abortion to the greatest extent possible” will continue to be relevant throughout the fall session. Please click here for that one.

Join us in building support for these initiatives: