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Join the Conversation

Join the Conversation

Did you know that Canada has no laws protecting pre-born children at any point during the pregnancy?

Were you aware that 75% of Canadians think there should be legal protection for children in the womb?

Abortion is something not often discussed in normal public discourse, yet so many of us have thoughts about it. Every year in Canada there are approximately 100,000 abortions; one out of every four pregnancies ends in abortion.

Due to advances in the fields of science and medicine, the humanity of the pre-born child has become much clearer for us. Are we to dismiss this evidence in efforts to hold to past views?

Canada is the only Western nation without legal protection for pre-born children and it’s time we discussed why only North Korea and China have similar policies.

Join the conversation on the topic of abortion!

Date: October 18th, 2012

Place: Cloverdale Public Library – 5642 176A Street, Surrey, British Columbia (Click here for map)

Time: 7-8:15pm


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