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Bishop Fred Henry endorses campaign!

Bishop Fred Henry endorses campaign!

Bishop Frederick Henry of the Catholic Diocese of Calgary has joined Archbishop J. Michael Miller in endorsing the campaign.

Bishop HenryCampaign director, Mike Schouten received this statement from Bishop Henry:

“Since the 1988 ruling in Regina v. Morgentaler, Canada has had no abortion law. Canadian history has shown that we make the law (or seek justice) in our image and likeness where there is no external standard, and worse still, the rationale for having an abortion multiplies. This is intolerable. It is time for everyone to support the campaign and goals of”

“We are grateful to Bishop Henry for his support. He clearly understands that if we are to effect change in Canada we need to do so incrementally,” said Schouten.

“The goal of is to restrict abortion to the greatest extent possible, and it is very encouraging that Bishop Henry believes we can be successful in limiting the harm of abortion by implementing gestational laws,” continued Schouten.

Bishop Frederick Henry is the third high level Roman Catholic official to endorse the political strategy of  Last August, Archbishop J. Michael Miller of the Vancouver Archdiocese issued a statement outlining reasons as to why Roman Catholics could support gestational legislation. Archbishop Miller’s statement was affirmed by Thomas Cardinal  Collins, Archbishop of Toronto a week later.

“On behalf of the campaign, I thank these religious leaders for their understanding of prudential politics and their passion for the protection of the lives of pre-born children in our country,” concluded Schouten.

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