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My Life Rests In You, Mom…

My Life Rests In You, Mom…

My Life Rests In You, Mom…

My life rests with you dear mother!

It’s the secret we both share,

Yet it’s true, there is One other,

One who’ll teach you how to care.


Mom, I know you feel rejected,

That you hurt and are afraid,

Yet inside I feel protected,

We’re both in God’s image made.


You may wish things to be different…

T’was His will that I should be,

I know mom, you’re not indifferent

Deep inside, know, “You love me.”


[Turn to Him in joy or sorrow

He’ll assuage heartache and pain,

Each day brings His new tomorrow

Making lives worthwhile again.]


Life is filled with much frustration.

Now it’s hard to sing a song,

But your love will bring elation,

And God’s love will keep you strong.


Life is dear and oh so precious,

Love me mom and you will see

That our joys will be infectious

Shared with all, especially me.


We’ll love life and laugh together,

Pain and anguish? Maybe some,

But I promise, nothing’s better.

Me? To learn, “I love you mom!”

A.Blokhuis                                                                                                                                         Oct. 14/13



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