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Softer Yet Stronger.

Softer Yet Stronger.

Softer Yet Stronger.

Softer than softest eiderdown

A babe’s breath on her cheek.

No stronger force exists on earth…

Formed helpless and so weak,


Stronger than steel entwined, a heart

That reaches for and cares,

A tiny babe, so vulnerable

And yet in all things shares,


A drive that reaches out for life

God’s marvel! Who beholds,

That this small human being is

More than sheer love enfolds?


Softer yet stronger! Can it be

God Himself so revealed?

In Him alone who grants new life,

In whom our purpose’s sealed.


Heaven forbid that we should rule,

And wrong decisions make,

For, Life’s not to be trifled with,

Love, then, for Jesus sake.


               A. Blokhuis

               Nov. 12/13



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