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Abortion absolutists are running out of arguments

Abortion absolutists are running out of arguments

The heading to this article could easily by edited to read, “Abortion absolutists run out of arguments” with a pull quote of, “As more U.S. states consider fetal protection legislation, those who support the status quo are sounding increasingly silly.”

The column I’m referring to was written by National Post writer, Jesse Kline. In it he describes how numerous U.S. states are legalizing recreational marijuana use as pot prohibitionists run out of arguments.

Why is it that so many Canadians feel at ease looking to the U.S. for guidance when it comes to public policy for this subject (or assisted suicide – can anyone say ‘Oregon’?) but when it comes to advances made for pre-born human rights we refuse to learn anything?

Three individual states have considered, or are in the process of considering changes to drug policy regarding pot use. If this is reason for Canada to consider following suit, than the fact that 41 states protect children before birth after a specific point in the pregnancy than it should be reason enough for Canada to immediately pass a late-term abortion law.

Truth be told there is more to Kline’s article. He also refers to the lack of arguments in favour sustaining the status quo. This is all the more certain for the status quo on abortion. Not only are abortion absolutists running out of arguments, there is none left! Canada’s position is untenable. It can’t be supported by science or logic. And it certainly isn’t supported by how the rest of the world handles public policy regarding pre-born human rights.

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