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We are only responsible for what we can achieve

We are only responsible for what we can achieve

You will want to listen to Clarke Forsythe in this epic interview with Jonathon Van Maren of Bridgehead Radio! Mr. Forsythe is the Senior Legal Counsel Americans United for Life. He has been a long-time advocate of a prudent approach to enacting pro-life legislation. He says,

“We have to go back to the cardinal virtue of prudence. It is the premiere political virtue, we have to be anchored by it and taught by it. Prudence is not pragmatism it is …always oriented towards moral purposes and good goals.”

Van Maren asked Forsythe specifically about the promotion of gestational laws in the Canadian political system. Mr. Forsythe was emphatic in his support for making progress by taking steps. He spoke about the opportunities and obstacles and the reality they present to pro-lifers saying,

“It is not immoral to be limited by obstacles beyond your control. You are not responsible for what you cannot achieve. You are responsible for what you can achieve.”

Listen the the interview here.

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