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Does RU-486 really matter?

Does RU-486 really matter?

Health Canada is currently reviewing an application for RU-486 to be approved for use in our country. Should we be concerned? Does it really matter how abortions are performed when they are legal for any reason throughout an entire pregnancy anyway?

For those not aware, mifepristone, otherwise known as RU-486 is a drug that interferes with the hormones necessary to sustain pregnancy. When taken by a pregnant woman in the first trimester of pregnancy is will force her to miscarry her child.

This is clearly an expansion of access to abortion, and it seems to be happening without any public debate.

The Conservative government along with all the political parties in Ottawa have denounced any attempts at debating abortion in the House of Commons. That Health Canada could approve RU-486 through the proverbial backdoor is contrary to democratic principles that should allow for an abortion discussion.

RU-486 matters. You are encouraged to write your MP as well as Health Minister Rona Ambrose to express your opposition to this expansion of access to abortion in Canada.

Click here to find your MPĀ  | Minister Ambrose can be reached at [email protected]

**Want to know what pro-abortion feminist researchers think about RU-486? See this article to find out.

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