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Iver Cohen Benson

Iver Cohen Benson

Iver Cohen Benson…     born, Feb. 8, 2014


[A Real Father]


Iver Benson, I’m so glad

That you have a real dad,

One who loves more than most know

And is there to watch you grow.

Love borne on and in his chest

Without mom, yet richly blessed.

How this fragile thing called Life,

Gifted you, yet took mom’s life.


Iver caused us understand,

Life’s a gift from Father’s hand

We may think that life’s unfair,

Yet, your dad showed Father’s care,

Mere opinions won’t prevail

Truth’s of Life! Who can assail?

Virtues, Loves, which manifest,

Fatherhood’s ultimate test.

A. Blokuis Feb.13.14

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