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Abortion activists lament decrease in abortion rates

Abortion activists lament decrease in abortion rates

So thinks Jonathon Van Maren, regular blogger over at the BRIDGEHEAD.

In his usual witty style Van Maren takes abortion advocates to task for perpetuating lies about everything from medical necessity to access. The focus of his commentary is of course all the feminist bloggers screaming about the imminent closure of the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, NB. As I wrote here, there is all sorts of erroneous reporting going on surrounding the news of the closure and unfortunately too many Canadians continue to embrace the fear filled rhetoric as truth.

Van Maren says,

“Notice that abortion advocates do not actually want abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare,” as it actually is in the Maritimes. They want abortion to be common, since they point to low abortion rates as a problem to be solved, not a victory to celebrate. Furthermore, in spite of all their bluster about pro-lifers forcing our view that all humans should have human rights down their throats, what they’re actually asking for is that we the taxpayers fund the extermination of their pre-born children. Their fictitious “right to an abortion” is somehow simultaneously 100% none of our business and 100% our financial responsibility.”

Check out the rest of his piece here.

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