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You’ll Speak For Me?

You’ll Speak For Me?

            You’ll Speak For Me?

            Please speak for me! I have no voice.

My only option is mom’s choice!

And therefore it’s to you I give

The right to speak, so I might live,

Appeal to mom, plead with her, “Why

Would you consider I should die?”


“Unseen, and yet my heart beats strong,

Is it my fault? Have I done wrong?

I’m human, though I have no name,

Is it for lack of love you blame

My father, but that’s neither fair,

I’m me! Not some imagined air.


Yes me! I’m in His image made

Beyond a shadow nor a shade,

My life’s as real to me, as you!

Deep in your heart you know that’s true.

Then for God’s love, hear my appeal

I’m here, it’s me, Yes mom, I’m real.”


A. Blokhuis

April 9/14

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