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A coherent debate about abortion?

A coherent debate about abortion?

For consecutive weeks we have been hearing responses to Justin Trudeau’s comments on abortion from pundits and journalists on both sides of the political spectrum. The conversation is now extending beyond Canada’s borders. In this well thought piece Charles Camosy, a bio-ethics professor at Fordham University in New York, exposes the hypocrisy of left-leaning politicians who “generally favor their government’s vigorous protection of the vulnerable in our society…except when it comes to abortion.”

Mr. Camosy goes on to say,

On this issue, liberal politicians are more likely than conservatives to favour the autonomy of individuals trumping the right to life of vulnerable prenatal children — often killed simply because they are female or have Down Syndrome.

Observing the heightened level of debate since Trudeau’s comments, the bio-ethics professor says,

The conversation that Trudeau accidentally has started is a golden opportunity. It is rare that politicians who are served so well by the abortion-rights status quo make such blunders, and I hope Canadians take advantage by directly challenging the cynical strategy employed by their elected representatives. For far too long, self-interested politicians have set up political structures that keep the political debate insulated from what people actually believe about abortion. Here’s hoping that Canada can take a leadership role in reversing this undemocratic and destructive trend.

We hope so too.

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