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Ground zero for abortion battle

Ground zero for abortion battle

Here is a balanced article by Sarah Boesveld. Good to see some coverage from both sides on this.

The Maritimes have certainly become ground zero. If you want to help pro-lifers stand their ground in New Brunswick please send this email to government officials.

Maternal health is at stake in New Brunswick. Regulation 84-20 which stipulates that an abortion can only be publicly funded if it is performed in a hospital after two doctors have certified in writing that it is medically necessary is, as I said to Ms. Boesveld,

Better care for women than we see in other provinces where there are no such requirements in place.

As I wrote here, the requirements in New Brunswick that a women seeking to have her abortion paid for with public money are a step in the right direction.

Take a moment to have your say by clicking here.

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