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Letter to the Editor: Julia

Letter to the Editor: Julia

Recently we mentioned that if you sent a letter to the editor of your local (or a national) paper and it was published, we would like to see it and share it. Thanks to Julia for sending us her letter that was published on May 17 in the Kelowna Daily Courier.


On Thursday, Premier Christy Clark publicly apologized for unjust policies in the 19th century that denied basic human rights to Chinese Canadians. Her speech served as a painful reminder that government-sanctioned human rights violations have happened in the past and, more painful still, they continue to happen in Canada today. In a country where abortions are performed throughout all three trimesters of pregnancy for any reason whatsoever, Canadian preborn children are denied personhood until they have fully exited the birth canal. Blatantly contradicting science on the question of when life begins, the current law requires Canadians to suspend logic and accept that the killing of a preborn child is permissible so long as the act is concealed by the mother’s body. Racism was enshrined in our laws of the past and Chinese Canadians were treated as subhuman; unrestricted abortion access is possible only because the preborn have been similarly dehumanized. May 14th marked 45 years of legalized abortion in Canada. Nearly 4 million babies have been violently killed in the womb. We cannot wait for the apologies of politicians. We must act now and rest only when all members of the human family are protected in our country.”

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