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If the UK can legislate against sex-selective abortion why can’t Canada?

If the UK can legislate against sex-selective abortion why can’t Canada?

Canadian politicians continue to ignore the injustice of abortion and risk falling even further behind other civilized nations in caring for women and children.

Last month law makers in the United Kingdom took a strong stand against sex-selective abortion by declaring them “unacceptable and illegal”. Jeremy Hunt, the Secretary of State for Health in the UK made it clear to doctors that the loophole which allows abortions based on gender would be closed, effectively ending the discriminatory practice.

David Burrowes, a Conservative MP said, “As a matter of principle and practice, gender selection is thoroughly outlawed by this government.”

While it remains to be seen what penalties will be imposed on doctors who contravene this government order, it is encouraging that action is being taken.

The same cannot be said for Canada. United Kingdom politicians took action very quickly after it was revealed by The Daily Telegraph that doctors were willing to abort children simply because they were girls. Since a CBC investigation in 2012 we have been aware that sex-selective abortions are taking place in our country and we have yet to see any government action.

We remain optimistic that the Conservatives will address this injustice, especially in light of taking a strong stand against gender discriminatory abortions at their recent convention. This is an issue Canadians care deeply about and it is time for politicians to show the maturity and fortitude to address this issue.

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