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You did it!

You did it!


You did it!

What an incredible response to our request last week for 100 new monthly donors!

Thanks to all who responded so enthusiastically with your sacrificial support and words of encouragement.

As we told you in previous emails, we needed to reach 100 new donors to get the additional $10,000 put forward by two businessmen. With your help we did it! What a blessing to have your confidence.

We also thank all those who referred friends and family to sign up. The winner of the two return tickets to anywhere in Canada is Carol Kanis. Congratulations!

For all those who contacted Karen to set up a pre-authorized debit please be sure to send in your form as soon as you can. You are also part of the 100+ new financial partners!

It is truly humbling to be allowed to carry on with working to save the lives of pre-born children. We thank you for your continued support!

Join us in building support for these initiatives: