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The following is a poem submitted by Mr. A. Blokhuis


What Father made most perfectly
Sly Fiend wants to destroy.
God’s love found every time we see
Each newborn girl or boy.

For Life is in each child contained
The instant when conceived
Old Satan wants his lies maintained.
Be not by him deceived.

That little one growing inside,
Autonomous! One whole,
Let not the evil Fiend decide,
He’s out to kill each soul.

And O, the anguish and the strife
What heartaches to endure,
When realizing “I took a life.”
Is there for such a cure?

Christ died for you to bear your pain,
And surely He’ll forgive,
Through faith renewed, to hope again,
And know Life is to live.

We each are to our purpose born
Then let your heart decide,
To love your child, as yet unborn,

Trust Him! He’s at your side.

A. Blokhuis
August 2/14

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