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This Fall: Save a Life Workshop in Kelowna

This Fall: Save a Life Workshop in Kelowna

A group in Kelowna is organizing a one-day pro-life workshop called “Save A Life” and we are excited to be participating. Our campaign director Mike will be the keynote speaker, sharing about the need for abortion laws in Canada. Mike will be joined by Darby, a 19 year-old mother who first became pregnant at 16, the Reaume family who have added to their family by giving 5 children a forever home through adoption and a panel of faith leaders from the Okanagan Valley. Attendees will be given hands-on opportunities to get involved while learning more about this important issue – did you know Canada is one of only 3 countries in the world with absolutely no abortion legislation?

This event is for anyone interested in pro-life work, for people who live in (or want to travel to) the Okanagan Valley, for those affected by abortion and for all Christians in the area to get involved and bring about an end to this injustice and healing to those adversely affected.

Tickets are available at:

Tickets for conference admission and lunch are $25 and available at the above locations until September 30. Alternatively, you may pay at the door for $15 (however this will not include a lunch). Youth 19 and under will be admitted at no cost.

Join the facebook event here and let your friends know you’re going. You can also share the poster by clicking on the link at the end of this article and saving a copy to your computer.

Marietta Egan Kelowna Event Poster

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