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Crescendo – Must see pro-life short film

Crescendo – Must see pro-life short film

UPDATE: We found this over on Reformed Perspective’s Facebook page. A keen analysis of an exceptional film. What do you think? Send your thoughts to [email protected].


The award-winning short film Crescendo has been released to the Internet, and it is well worth 15 minutes of your time. There are two reasons to watch.

First, even though it is set more than 200 years ago, the empathetic portrayal it gives of a woman considering abortion will gives viewers insight into why some women who know it is a baby still feel that abortion is a preferable option – we can feel her desperation. For us, in our churches where we are blessed to be largely sheltered from such desperation this portrayal may be a real eye opener.

So the first reason is to watch what the film gets right. The second is to try to spot what the film gets wrong. This is a brilliantly done production, made with the best of intentions by some very dedicated pro-life professionals….but it has a pretty fundamental flaw. I’m not going to spoil things by revealing that flaw here, but after watching the film, click on this link to read a short article that explains all.

A powerful short film has been created which, according to Jason Jones, one of the producers, will “start a global conversation on the dignity of the human person.” The film has already won numerous awards and is now available on YouTube.

We encourage you to take fifteen minutes and watch it!



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