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Since 1969 there have been over 3 million abortions in Canada. That affects a lot of people. Three million mothers, three million fathers, six million sets of grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts. You get the picture.

As Devorah Gilman says,

“No matter what we think or feel the truth is that none of us are removed from abortion. We all are very, very close. We can act as if abortion doesn’t affect us, but it does. We can pretend that we have the luxury to ignore the issue, but we don’t. While we may have simply ignored, abortion has simply killed. Abortion has killed our fellow countrymen, abortion has killed our neighbors, and abortion has killed our families.”

There are many, many secrets out there and even if we never find out about them we know what abortion does to pre-born babies.

Please join us in speaking the truth in love. Love those who are hurting and share the truth to prevent others from experiencing that hurt.

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