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Apathy on abortion

Apathy on abortion

From Justina Van Maren of Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.

“And then there are the people who pretend that they never knew, that they never saw, that they never really understood what was going on. There are times when I’m in Wal-Mart, or Boston Pizza, or university and I want to play the sound of a babies screaming over the loud speaker, and when customers and students struggle to make the crying stop, and turn to ask me why I’m not joining in their efforts, I’ll shrug my shoulders, plug my ears and say, “What crying? There is no crying.” It’s a ridiculous idea, of course, but I guess it illustrates the point that saying something isn’t happening doesn’t mean that it isn’t. 

It’s happening, folks. Open your eyes, open your ears, open your hearts.”

Read the rest her article over here. 

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