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The following poem, “Murder…!” was written by Mr. Blokhuis and we include it here as a remembrance of what abortion truly is, the intentional murder of a defenseless pre-born child.

First open up and dilate,
We’ll give the Fiend some room
So he can use his instruments
Engaged in acts of doom.
It’s so to gain His access
And crush that tiny brain
Dismantled from it’s cervix,
Dissected from what’s sane.

Gently extract the pieces
And place them on a tray
Clings to His evil thesis,
Your problem’s gone away,
Now first we’ll reassemble,
Make sure each piece is there,
We’d never want to hurt you
The Devil takes great care.

Nurse will hold your hand dear,
Yes, she will see you through,
Ah, just a few more minutes,
You’ll be as good as new,
Yet, torn and mutilated,
This tiny human soul
Has been annihilated,
Harbinger of sheol.

My God, it’s bloody murder!
Dear Lord what have I done?
Is there for such forgiveness?
O God, where shall I run?
I’ve killed my tiny baby
What they said was a lie,
O Lord, help me and save me
I caused a life to die.

I caused
I caused a life…
I caused my Lord to die
For me.

A. Blokhuis
Mar. 30/15

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