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There is No Law

There is No Law

We Need a Law

There is no law made by those dead
God’s law is for the Living.
And when a birth is imminent
A living child’s a given.
Is it too hard to understand?
And need I explain further?
When life through birth is close at hand.
To kill such? It’s plain murder!


The last time I wrote Ottawa
To our dear ‘Justice’ man,
I heard the same as what I saw,
That ‘Justice’ is a sham.
One smiled a lot propped in a chair
Alas, that man is dead,
I pleaded, man, do you not care?
Dead men can’t hear what’s said.


I looked and I was horrified
This man, carved out of stone?
A glacier, worse, he’s ossified,
No longer flesh and bone.
“Fear not” said he, “Life’s well and good,
What you don’t understand
My world’s unfolding as it should
Utopia close at hand.”


Dead men, without a future
Repose without the Law.
They, in their state of stupor, Romans 11:8
With eyes that never saw,
With ears, yet never hearing
Truth’s facts of life deny…
Without sense, life, nor fearing,
In death alone, to die!


A. Blokhuis
April 25/15

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