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She’s Pro-Life

She’s Pro-Life

Who’s A Hero?

Based on a report in The Interim, Page 6, November 2015 by Lianne Laurence.

Where is a hero found today?

Why, Linda Gibbons, I would say.

While you sit in your easy chair

Pontificating, life’s not fair.

A judge has sentenced! Without fail,

Such crimes committed call for jail,

For she’s pro­-life.


Say, how did this all come to pass?

Surely this proves “the law’s an ass,”

This grandma standing all alone

On some spot called a bubble zone;

One silent witness with a sign, “Why Mom?

When I have so much Love to give.”

Judge, let them live.


Ten years, eight months, three weeks she’s spent,

While prosecutors rage and vent.

Yet, she refused to speak in court,

Opposing those who would abort.

Handcuffed she took the sheriff to task,

“You’d allow baby murders?” She’d ask.

Her crime? Pro-­life!


These murdering black­robed fiends who say,

“You’ve done the crime, we’ll make you pay

It’s not about some unjust law

It’s what you do and what we saw.

We make these laws, I’ll let you know,

Now keep the peace; I’ll let you go.”

Why? She’s Pro-­Life


A. Blokhuis

Nov. 15/15

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