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Have you seen?

Have you seen?

Depositphotos 60942949 m-2015


Have you seen your ultrasound,

With your own two eyes?

Was it not incredible?

After you heard their lies?


They told you it was nothing

“A little thing, don’t fear.

It’s something we do all the time,

And you’ll be in the clear.


Just come, don’t think about it,

And soon you will forget…”

But something told you deep inside

It would cause such regret.


It’s hard, I know, but somehow

It’s easier to smile,

Knowing this life inside of you

Will make your world worthwhile.


You know, all life is precious,

So let nobody take,

Your joy out of life’s laughter,

Life’s gift, for baby’s sake.


A. Blokhuis

Feb. 10/16

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