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The Power of a Picture

The Power of a Picture

The pro-life movement loves ultrasounds, for good reason. Those beautiful pictures show waving arms, kicking legs, tiny noses, and beating hearts. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a grainy black and white ultrasound picture is no different. Anyone who believes the pre-born child is a simple clump of non-descript cells cannot walk away from a ultrasound and still believe that. 

There are many cases of individuals who claim ultrasounds made them realize that abortion was wrong. This article from Live Action News mentions a few of those cases and discusses a recent study proving what we already knew – ultrasound images have the power to save the lives of pre-born children. Recent exposure seems to be key, “so next time you’re on Facebook and you have the opportunity to share an ultrasound picture, please do, because this study shows that people who see such photos on Facebook are more likely to oppose abortion.”

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