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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


How Fearfully, How Wonderfully Made


How fearfully, how wonderfully made!

Beyond a shadow, or a shade,

Human, in every function, every way,

My Lord, my God! With my own DNA.


He formed and nurtured me, at every stage!

My life is written on His page,

Made me with purpose, yes indeed

From first to last, I’m made complete.


Who doubts the very will of God?

Then, why should we react distraught?

When we’re found knit within a womb

As He wills it! Let none assume,


That we are made some innert cells

A tumorous miscreant blob that dwells,

An abstract nuisance, quite remote…

Whose handiwork does this denote?


Who formed each delicate little toe?

Cells multiplied, each one just so?

A mouth, bright eyes, small shell­like ears

Heart, nerves, a brain with sense, that hears?


Oh Life… A treasure, each one so,

It’s by His grace that we may grow

And bring our joys in Him complete,

Surprising lives, with love replete.


A. Blokhuis

April 5/16

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