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You Can’t See Me…

You Can’t See Me…

Thanks to supporter Aart Blokhuis for sharing this poem, told from the perspective of the little one whose life and future are so often ignored or discounted.


You Can’t See Me


You can’t see me, but I am,

Everything as much as you,

Like a pearl inside a clam,

Hard to fathom, but it’s true.


You are big, I’m merely small,

You can learn, yes, so can I

Even if you’re six feet tall,

Human! No ­one can deny.


I can hear my mother’s voice

And her heartbeat gives me peace.

Yet, I’m startled by loud noise,

But her songs put me at ease.


I can’t see you, but I know

That you love my mommy too.

For I hear you tell her so,

Gentle words, all know, are true.


Yes, that’s how it is meant to be.

Life is never about choice.

Love’s our gift that sets us free,

Bet you want to hear my voice?


Love to see me crawl, then walk

Show me, teach a world to see,

Hear me gurgle, smile and talk,

Dad, you’ll mean the world to me!


Truth is, I can hardly wait

What a joy that day will be,

Let’s look forward to that date,

Made complete, dad, mom and me.


baby and father

A. Blokhuis

July 18/16

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