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Interview with Danielle Smith at NewsTalk 770

Interview with Danielle Smith at NewsTalk 770

This week’s National Post article led to Anna having the opportunity to discuss We Need a Law’s initiatives with Danielle Smith on Calgary’s NewsTalk770. Ms. Smith, who identifies as pro-choice, was willing to keep an open mind and recognize that the debate is shifting as the pro-life movement becomes more strategic and more politically engaged. Polls are clear that the majority of Canadians do not support the “wild west” approach to abortion, as Smith accurately depicts it. Instead, even those Canadians who identify as pro-choice believe there should be a line at which we say, “No. Abortion after this point, or for this reason, is no longer ok.”

We talked about the very specific changes we ask for through our goals of banning sex-selective abortion, recognizing pre-born victims of crime, and implementing an International Standards Law to regulate abortions after 13 weeks gestation. To hear the full conversation, including what some of her listeners had to say, click below (to skip the commercials, start listening at 2 minutes 40 seconds).

Join us in building support for these initiatives: