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Suffering Chickens

Suffering Chickens

Reactions to the video footage released this week showing the completely vile behaviour of chicken catchers in Chilliwack, BC ranged from, “Sick!” and “Disgusting!” to the more serious, “They should be tortured themselves” and “Someone needs to beat the s*** out of people who treat animals like this!”


One sign of a humane and just society is how we react when confronted with an unexpected injustice. The torture and abuse inflicted on chickens by farm workers was intentional and wholly unacceptable. The reactions that poured in on social media show that we have compassion for animals and, generally speaking, an understanding that there are more proper ways to handle the production of chicken prior to it being served up on our dinner plates.

There is another species in Canada that endures a similar fate to the suffering chickens seen in the Mercy for Animals video. In fact, this species has no protection whatsoever and this leads to 100,000 of them being dismembered, disemboweled, and decapitated every single year in Canada. And there is nary a murmur or complaint from the public.

It is laudable to advocate for the humane treatment of chickens and to express righteous indignation when exposed to videos such as we saw this week. How much more, then, should we advocate for something far more precious than a chicken? If we are truly a humane and compassionate society then it’s time for Canadians to ask for lawful protection of pre-born children.

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