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Mom “not sorry” her daughter has Down syndrome

Mom “not sorry” her daughter has Down syndrome

When Cara’s doctor told her that it was possible her pre-born child had Down syndrome, he said, “I’m so sorry.” She heard those words over and over again, and still hears them now. But she wants the world to know, “We’re not sorry.”

This beautiful story comes from the Love Out Loud campaign, which celebrates motherhood in all its forms. The campaign has at its heart the message Cara defines this way: “As moms we have different journeys, but the one thing we share in common is the unconditional love we have for our children.”

Motherhood is a unique journey for every woman who walks it. Perfect families don’t happen unless we adjust our ideas of what perfect can look like.

As this story shows, how we speak and act as a society can also impact how supported or scared women feel facing motherhood, especially when their child is given a prenatal diagnosis that shakes their world. We can react to a difficult diagnosis by turning to abortion, or we can face it with love for life, even when that life may look different than we had envisioned.

Cara in this video states that her work as an ER nurse has taught her that “no one is promised tomorrow.” So let’s fight for them have the right to fully live their todays.

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