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Feminists should be pro-life, too

Feminists should be pro-life, too

Abortion rights and access have become in some ways synonymous with feminism, framed as crucial to women’s equality and autonomy. Prime Minister Trudeau is one who makes this connection regularly, and distributes funds accordingly.

Destiny Herndon-De La Rosa doesn’t see it that way. Leader of New Wave Feminists, a pro-life feminist group, she became both pregnant and pro-life at age 16. She stars in a new documentary, Pro-Life Feminist, along with two other feminist women active in the pro-life movement. Pro-life feminists, says Hernon-De La Rosa, don’t see only the woman or only the child: “We want to support and protect two people.”

“When they [women in crisis pregnancy situations] look for help they see Planned Parenthood, not the pro-life community. …Our whole society, including the pro-life movement, needs to do much, more more to support pregnancy women in distress.”

For a longer discussion and the negative role men display in advocating for abortion rights, you can read the full article here.

Destiny Herndon De La Rosa standing up for life: photo via New Wave Feminists website.

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