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MP Harold Albrecht’s event protested because of his pro-life stance.

MP Harold Albrecht’s event protested because of his pro-life stance.

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July 23, 2019

Ottawa, ON – Pro-abortion activists are protesting Harold Albrecht’s “Big Tent” event this afternoon. The protesters are from his riding and surrounding areas and are not pleased with Albrecht’s recent comments about pre-born human rights.

Earlier this year, the MP for Kitchener-Conestoga, Ontario, agreed to sponsor a petition initiated by a British Columbia woman requesting that abortion no longer be a taxpayer-funded medical service. The petition cites the fact that abortion is not an injury, illness, or disease and never medically necessary.

Facing criticism for his involvement in this petition, Albrecht pointed to his track record of working to promote a culture of life and a recognition of basic human rights. Tabitha Ewert, Legal Counsel for We Need a Law, a campaign that advocates for legislation that protects pre-born human rights, is pleased with Albrecht’s stance. “We need more politicians like MP Albrecht who are willing to boldly state the importance of how we treat the vulnerable among us, including before birth,” Ewert said. “He brings up important facts that Canadians need to know, including that Canada is alone in the Western world in offering no legal protection for pre-born children. We need MPs to use their voice to get Canadians talking about this.”

“The pro-abortion activists are using their freedom to express themselves, something that is especially important when you are talking about expressing yourself to an elected official,” Ewert said. “The real story here is a politician facing criticism for standing up for pre-born children. Anything that brings attention to what is happening here in Canada around abortion is a good thing. We’re thankful for Albrecht’s clear commitment to raising the profile of needing legal protection for pre-born children.”

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