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Keep the pro-life message going during Covid-19

Keep the pro-life message going during Covid-19

It’s been interesting to watch our culture adopt pro-life language in responding to Covid-19. Suddenly, “my body, my choice” doesn’t apply and we talk a great deal about our choices impacting those around us. Suddenly, our policies are aimed at limiting rights and freedoms in the name of protecting the more vulnerable. We now talk about every life being valuable – especially the dependent or disabled.

Even our Prime Minister was quoted saying something that many pro-lifers can be found saying: “Our job as Canadians is to uphold the dignity and sanctity of every single human life, whether they be rich or poor, young or old, ailing or healthy.”

It has been encouraging to see life valued and the role of autonomy discussed when our choices impact others.

But the pro-life message is not the same as the battle against Covid-19.

The pro-life message is that it is wrong to intentionally kill another human being. And that is true regardless of the age, level of dependency, ability, or any other factor. At We Need a Law our focus has always been on protecting pre-born children. We advocate for laws that restrict abortion because we are against the intentional ending of a pre-born child’s life through the dismemberment or poisoning that abortion entails.

Abortion doesn’t risk a life; it ends a life.

There’s an ongoing conversation when it comes to Covid-19 about what risks we should take as a society – both to those vulnerable to Covid-19 as well as those facing unemployment, isolation, and other harms from the restrictions. Yet the pro-life movement should still be focusing on our core message. Abortion isn’t about accepting a risk to the life of a pre-born child. Abortion is about intentionally aiming to end a life. If the child is still alive after the procedure, it is deemed a “failed” abortion. Depending on the age and the procedure, the child might be killed in another manner or simply left to die with no care.

You say our choices impact others? The choice to abort is direct, intentional, fatal harm to a pre-born child.

You say we should value every single human life? That needs to include every single human life in the womb.

Despite elective procedures being delayed across the country, abortion is being categorized as an “essential service.” The reason? Because it is time sensitive. If you wait for the restrictions to be lifted you are likely to end up with a healthy baby. While we might all have opinions on what to do in response to Covid-19, don’t forget the pre-born children who are still losing their lives in this time.

We can use the language of our culture as they respond to Covid-19, and speak up for pre-born babies even during Covid-19.

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