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Motion 312 is set to be debated for the second time in the House of Commons in mid-September. Due to the illness of Mr. Woodworth's mother, we have additional time to influence MP's and encourage them to express support for a healthy discussion about the...

Motion 312 is set to be debated for the second time in the House of Commons in mid-September. Due to the illness of Mr. Woodworth's mother, we have additional time to influence MP's and encourage them to express support for a healthy discussion about the...

On Saturday, June 30th a group of young Canadian pro-life women and men gathered in Ottawa for an epic event. The New Abortion Caravan, a project of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR), which began its cross country tour on May 29th in...

Forty-two years ago a group of Canadian feminists arrived in Ottawa with the Abortion Caravan. They were angry and furiously lashed out at the authorities, even disrupting parliamentary proceedings in the House of Commons for 30 minutes. Today, a group of young Canadian pro-life women...

For more photos of the CAW organized protest and the pro-life presentation click here. London, Ontario - June 26, 2012 - The Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Union, turned pro-abortion advocacy organization, managed to get a few dozen protesters out to meet the New Abortion Caravan as it set up for its London event on Monday evening. While some have expressed bewilderment as to what business CAW has in putting forward an opinion on this matter, director, Mike Schouten has a different take on their participation. "Members of the Canadian Auto Workers Union should be outraged. The CAW has a long history of advocating for workers safety. They ought to be working to protect the hundreds of thousands of potentials members who lose their lives each year due to abortion, rather than promoting this blatant disregard for the safety of human individuals."

Abortions occur in Canada for any reason or no reason. In recent months abortions that are commited against female pre-born children have caused many Canadians to question the status quo of no law whatsoever. Many local media outlets are facilitating debate on this topic and last week the Surrey Leader published an op-ed from university student Japreet Lehal who condemned the practice of female feticide. Today there are two responses to Mr. Lehal's courageous piece, both of them writing in support of him. Here is the text of director, Mike Schouten's letter: Re: “Be a voice for the voiceless,” Japreet Lehal column, The Leader, June 21. Female-feticide is a disturbing tradition that has garnered increased attention in recent weeks, and I appreciate the willingness of Japreet Lehal to courageously speak about the topic through his regular column in The Surrey-North Delta Leader.

Canada should do away with its drunk driving laws. We no longer need laws prohibiting this activity. In fact, the laws that are in place are ineffective (because people break them anyway). And enforcing them places an incredible financial burden on governments already strapped for cash. A much better solution would be to toss the laws and let people use their own better judgement as to wether they were impaired or not. And, if there was any concern about members of the public being unable to choose for themselves as to how many drinks they could consume prior to getting behind the wheel of a car, we could provide them with guidelines for assistance. If need be, we could even host an education program at the local community centre. What do you think? Good idea? Who needs laws anyway? Crazy idea? Absolutely! Canada has laws against drinking and driving for good reasons. Laws restrict certain behaviours and punish those who disobey them. Through legal restrictions the state decides what we can do with our bodies, and in a sense, laws grant people freedom.

The mission of is to build support for federal legislation that restricts abortion to the greatest extent possible. This mission is based on the Biblical understanding regarding the role of government to promote order and restrain evil. In Canada there have been no legislative victories for pro-lifers in over 20 years, while in the United States nearly 100 pro-life laws were passed in 2011 alone! In spite of the ongoing status quo, we know that a majority of Canadians support abortion restrictions and it's high time we work towards that being reflected in law. Looking to our southern neighbours, we see that time and time again lives are being saved through legislative victories. We share with you some recent news from the state of Florida where due to the passing of several pro-life laws in 2011, they have seen a marked decrease in the number of abortions committed. Florida Abortions Drop Again After New Pro-Life Laws by Steven Ertelt After the Florida legislature put several new pro-life laws in place, the state has seen a further drop in the number of abortions done. According to state health department numbers, abortions dropped in Florida 19 percent from 2008-2011 and the decline continues. With the legislature approving a bill that allows women to see an ultrasound of their baby before an abortion, more minds are apparently changing. Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill after it had been vetoed by Gov. Charlie Crist the year before.

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