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Call your MP about Bill C-233

Phone Script

The following is a phone script relating to Bill C-233, the Sex Selective Abortion act. Please ensure a respectful and encouraging tone as you ask your representative to take a stand against sex selective abortion.

Many phone calls will get an answering machine, in which case you can simply say the script as-is, or adapt and personalize it. You may also get an office staff member on the phone who will take your message and relay it to your representative.

Hello, this is [your name]. I’m calling to ask MP [your MP’s name] to vote in favor of Bill C-233 the sex-selective abortion. I understand that Parliament will be voting on this bill on June 2nd and I wanted you to know that this is an important issue to me.

Sex selective abortion has no place in Canada. It suggests that one sex is better than another and allows families to abort a child because they wanted the other sex. This should not happen in a country that values everyone no matter what their sex.

Most Canadians agree that it is wrong to kill a girl simply because she is a girl. I ask you to agree by voting for Bill C-233 to end this discrimination in Canada.

Thank you for your work. If you would like to talk further about this, I can be reached at (…) …-…..

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