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Defend Girls

Sex-selective abortion is happening in Canada, and studies published in the Canadian Medical Journal found that pre-born girls are targeted more often than boys. News reports by both CBC and CTV in recent years have increased public awareness of this issue. It is up to us now, as Canadians, to push beyond information into action, to end the use of abortion for sex selection. Sex-selection is illegal when it comes to in vitro fertilization; it is time the law caught up when it comes to abortion.

Polls show that the majority of Canadians are opposed to sex-selective abortion. This is a cause that unites Canadians: sex selective abortion is wrong.

In February 2020, MP Cathay Wagantall introduced her private member’s bill, the Sex Selective Abortion Act. This bill would make it illegal to abort a child based solely on his or her predicted sex. We are excited about this opportunity to engage Canadians in this important discussion about restrictions on abortion! Talk to your neighbours, colleagues, friends and MP about Canada’s lack of abortion laws, and the need for a law. With your help, we can work toward a law that equally values men and women from the earliest stages.

Click here to read Bill C-233, Sex Selective Abortion Act.

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