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Teaching Materials

In 2015, we did a cross-country tour highlighting the reality that abortion is a human rights violation that ends the life of a member of the human family. We also drew attention to the fact that Canada is the only nation in the world to have no regulations protecting pre-born children at any stage of pregnancy. Through teachers, those presentations can reach and impact many more listeners in the years to come and, we hope, change the tide of abortion in Canada.

It is our hope that you can put these materials to use in your classroom, whether you teach Biblical Studies, Law, Ethics, Biology, or English.  Below you will find handouts for students covering each of the three topics covered in our LifeTOUR presentation, and these are meant to be used in conjunction with watching the videos as a class.

Please adapt these as you see fit for your classroom, and contact us if you would like to receive a full digital copy of these materials (along with enrichment/discussion ideas and answer keys) via email.

Click on the handouts below to open printable versions.

Join us in building support for these initiatives: