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Chilliwack Tag

Reactions to the video footage released this week showing the completely vile behaviour of chicken catchers in Chilliwack, BC ranged from, “Sick!” and “Disgusting!” to the more serious, “They should be tortured themselves” and “Someone needs to beat the s*** out of people who treat...

The following letter to the editor was sent to the Chilliwack Times and Chilliwack Progress in response to their erroneous media coverage of last week's educational flag display at the Chilliwack Museum. Re: Pro-life flag display at Chilliwack Museum As the organizers of last Saturday's educational event,...

“It would have made your eyes water if you saw it.” That was the reaction of Chilliwack resident Ms. Mallory when she received a flyer on her doorstep depicting a picture of a dead Rwandan child “killed with machetes” and a picture of an aborted...

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