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by Jonathon Van Maren Canada's abortion debate is raging again, spurred on by not only Justin Trudeau's declarations of pro-choice totalitarianism in the federal Liberal Party, but also by his provincial party parrot in New Brunswick. Liberal leader Brian Gallant has picked up on Trudeau's no-choice-but-pro-choice...

With a week to go in the New Brunswick election campaign it looks as though, barring any serious gaffes, Brian Gallant and his Liberals will form the next government. In this campaign, abortion has been a major platform issue, all the more significant since New...

On the heels of the announcement that New Brunswick’s only private abortion clinic will be closing in July, over 125 respected physicians, lawyers, family organizations, and individuals have signed a public letter (see attached) sent to New Brunswick Premier, Mr. David Alward. The letter was...

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